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Best Automotive Stocks to Buy in US 2023

The automotive business is enormous and widely known. Most people are familiar with automobile companies and have an opinion regarding the top new cars and trucks available. Automotive stocks have attracted a lot of interest from investors for decades and most likely will for decades to come because of this visibility. The best techniques to invest in automotive stocks will be covered in more detail.

In the current economic context, the auto industry is changing quickly, particularly with the rise of electric vehicles.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there were concerns that the auto industry would suffer, which caused stock prices to plunge. However, almost all of the stocks in the industry have since rebounded and are currently trading at or above pre-pandemic levels.

The fact is that modern society needs transportation, and a bicycle won’t do. Even in the midst of a public health emergency, there is a need for automobiles. Investors’ desire to invest in the sector is therefore inevitable.

In this post we discuss the top automotive Stocks to Buy in US in 2023:

1> Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Tesla, a pioneer in the EV industry and company founded in 2003 by Elon Musk, has recently gained attention among both the general public and the investing community. One of the market’s most spectacular growth stocks, Tesla stock has produced returns of more than 100% over the previous 12 months.

Many believe that the stock’s historical performance pales in comparison to what it may achieve in the future.

Tesla combines cutting-edge technology with sleek, visually appealing automobiles. However, since both newcomers and established businesses are entering the EV market, simply providing EVs is no longer sufficient.

Currently, every car that enters the company’s assembly line has some kind of driver-assisted feature, such as automatically applying the brakes when you approach a vehicle too closely or altering the vehicle’s position when you approach the edge of the road.

When earnings season arrives, Tesla is renowned for delivering extraordinarily good numbers. In each of the previous four quarters, it exceeded revenue projections, and in three of the four, it exceeded earnings estimates.

2> General Motors Company (NYSE: GM)

General Motors, also known as GM, is a well-known car manufacturer not only in the United States & worldwide. With a market worth of about $70 billion, it is also among the biggest automakers in the world.

Naturally, one of the finest companies to buy in is likely to be a company that leads its industry. The company’s status as a leader is important, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration when making an investment. After all, leaders frequently make mistakes. Despite this, it doesn’t seem like GM will disappear very soon.

In addition to being one of the country’s oldest car manufacturers, the company is always seeking for innovative methods to add value for the customers who buy and use its vehicles.

Due to the ongoing growth of the global car industry, this innovation is more crucial than it has ever been. Huge changes are being brought about by worries about the environment and greenhouse gas emissions.

A major push to go green has resulted in the development of electric vehicles (EVs) and other technologies like fuel cell power generation to meet humanity’s transportation needs in a more environmentally friendly manner. The transportation sector is responsible for a significant portion of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in developed countries.

GM is aware of the transformation taking place and has no desire to return to the Stone Age. It has already introduced a number of EVs and declared intentions to switch to all-electric transportation by 2035.

3> Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F)

Ford was established in 1903 and is a well-known brand all over the world and a pillar in the automotive industry. Ford has had a similar epic growth as GM over the previous century or so, amassing a market valuation of more than $50 billion. Throughout its existence, the business has retained an innovative spirit, which is likely to continue to be the driving force behind its future expansion.

Ford, like GM, doesn’t want to fall behind in the EV market either. Additionally, the business has already begun the transition from combustion engines to all-electric engines.

4> Nio Inc (NYSE: NIO)

Nio is a Chinese electric vehicle firm with a lot of promise for investors. The Chinese economy is currently growing swiftly, and owning a car is less of a status symbol and more of a need.

As a result, China’s auto sector is flourishing, and the government of the nation is making significant efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, it only makes logical that EVs in the area are in high demand.

Nio has developed swiftly to take the lead in a market where demand is surging and is most likely to stay that way. Despite having its headquarters in China and generating the vast majority of its revenue from sales there, the company is rapidly growing both domestically and abroad. In reality, the business has announced that it has begun entering the European market by sending its first vehicles to Norway.

Another business with a reputation for delivering impressive results throughout the earnings season is Nio. The company has outperformed analyst predictions in three of the last four quarters.

5> Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE: TM)

Toyota is another legendary automaker. The Japanese corporation was established in 1937 and rose to fame both in its native country and abroad. Toyota cars are well-known for being affordable, and long-lasting.

Toyota is a huge company, but it’s also a huge contributor to the U.S. transportation sector as a whole.

Toyota is another corporation that is contributing to the sustainable energy revolution. It has been selling hybrid cars for many years and keeps introducing new, more effective variants.

6> Ferrari Nv (NYSE: RACE)

Ferrari is a high-end brand that is well-known throughout society. Ferrari manufactures cars that are significantly less common to see on the road than those made by GM or Honda. In the world of sports automobiles, the business and its cars are renowned.

According to Ferrari Lake Forest, an authorized dealer of high-end cars, these cars are so famous that collectors are willing to shell out more than $50 million for rare, vintage versions of them.

Ferrari enjoys considerable price leverage thanks to its unrivalled brand strength. The firm may, and frequently does, price its cars much higher than the ordinary manufacturer. This creates the possibility for higher profit margins and more room for expansion.

7> Honda Motor Co Ltd (NYSE: HMC)

Honda is another well-known brand in the United States. One of the oldest car manufacturers in Japan and a mainstay of the global automotive industry, the business was founded in 1948.

The brand is well-known for its automobiles and trucks, but it is also a top pick for outdoor hobbyists because of its top-of-the-line motorbikes, dirt bikes, and all-terrain vehicles.

In addition, Honda is also moving aggressively in the direction of electric cars. By no later than 2030, the company pledges to convert two-thirds of its fleet to zero-emission vehicles. The company is already making progress toward this end by manufacturing a variety of electric passenger cars, the most recent of which is the Honda e.

The company is anticipated to keep up its position as a market leader in the global vehicle industry as long as it innovates in the EV arena.


These are some of the top auto stocks currently available on the market, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that this list only represents the opinion of one expert. In the stock market, it is never a smart idea to follow someone irrationally.

The best investments are ones that are made after doing extensive research on the specific item you’re buying. The profits that could be realized are difficult to overlook if you do your study and choose wisely within the industry.


The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Before making any investment decisions, it is recommended that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor.

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