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Top Energy Stocks on ASX [2023]

Some of the world’s leading energy firms are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Energy stocks include companies ranging from oil and gas to renewable energy and utility stocks. In this post, we will analyze the top 2023 ASX energy stocks and the factors to consider when investing in these companies.

What are Energy Stocks?

Energy stocks are a type of stock that is involved with the production, distribution, and use of energy. Energy stocks are classified into three types: oil and gas, renewable energy, and utility stocks. Oil and gas stocks are involved with the exploration, production, and selling of oil and gas. Renewable energy stocks are concerned with the generation of energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower. Utility stocks are linked with the generation and delivery of energy in the form of electricity and natural gas.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Energy Stocks

Financial Performance: When investing in energy stocks, one must analyze a company’s financial performance. This includes things like sales growth, profit margins, and debt-to-equity ratio. A company with good financial performance is always likely to grow and has a good track record, which also increases the chances of future success.

Market Stability: Another important factor to consider when investing in energy companies is the stability of the energy market. This covers elements such as global energy demand, oil and gas prices, and government regulations. A stable energy market might provide a more predictable environment for investment, but a volatile market can raise the risk of investment losses.

Industry Growth Potential: The overall growth potential of the energy industry is another important factor to consider when investing in energy stocks. This includes factors such as the growth potential of renewable energy, the adoption of new technologies, and the investment in new energy projects. A company with a strong focus on growth and innovation is more likely to be successful in a growing industry.

Cash Flow: Cash flow is one of the most crucial aspects of your company’s financial stability and growth. In simple terms, cash flow refers to the amount of money that comes into your business each month, how much goes out each month, and the percentage of profit or loss made from that income stream. If there isn’t enough money coming into the company, it could lead to bankruptcy or even layoffs, which could negatively impact its stock price and stability.

Company Position in the Energy Value Chain: A company’s position in the energy value chain might also affect its chances of success. For example, a  company interested in the exploration and production of oil and gas will face different risks and potential benefits than a company active in energy delivery.

Political and Geopolitical Risks: Political and geopolitical risks linked with a company’s operations can also have an impact on its potential for success. For example, a  company with activities in a politically unstable zone may suffer more risk, whereas a company with operations in a stable region may have fewer hazards.

Environmental Responsibility: When investing in energy stocks, another important factor to examine is a company’s environmental responsibilities. This covers things like the company’s pledge to reduce its carbon footprint, its usage of renewable energy, and its adherence to environmental standards. A company that is dedicated to environmental responsibility increases its chances of success.

Best 2023 Energy Stocks on ASX

The ASX is home to some of the most powerful energy companies, many of which have a proven track record of financial performance and development prospects. Let us take a closer look at the top ASX energy stocks of 2023:

Company NamePriceMarket Capitalisation
Origin Energy Limited7.24 AUD1.25TCr
Santos Limited7.03 AUD2.33TCr
Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL)36.39 AUD6.91TCr
Paladin Energy Ltd0.77 AUD227.98Cr
Ampol Limited30.82 AUD734.45Cr
Strike Energy Limited0.36 AUD85.14Cr
Boss Energy Ltd2.43 AUD85.68Cr
* Data as on 08 Feb 2023

Let’s look at each of these companies in detail:

1> Origin Energy Limited

Origin Energy is an ASX-listed public company based in Sydney. It is a large integrated electricity generator as well as a retailer of electricity and natural gas. Energy Markets, Integrated Gas, and Corporate are the Company’s segments. The Energy Markets category consists mostly of energy retailing and wholesaling power generation, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) operations in Australia. The Integrated Gas sector is responsible for investing in Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) and managing LNG hedging and trading activities. Surat and Bowen basins in Queensland, APLNG in Eastern Australia, and the offshore Browse Basin in Western Australia are among the projects undertaken by the company. Its Corporate sector handles a variety of business development and support functions that are not assigned to operating segments.

2> Santos Limited

Santos is a global energy company focused on producing cleaner energy and fuels, with activities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and North America.

Santos is a major domestic gas supplier in Australia as well as a leading LNG supplier in the Asia Pacific area. Santos is dedicated to supplying key fuels like oil and gas in a more sustainable manner through decarbonization projects like the Moomba CCS project.

Santos has been working in conjunction with local communities for over 65 years, offering local jobs and business opportunities, exploiting natural gas resources safely and responsibly, and powering industries and households.

3> Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL)

Woodside Energy Group Ltd (Woodside), formerly Woodside Petroleum Ltd, is an independent oil and gas exploration, development, production, and supply firm. In collaboration with some of the world’s largest oil and gas firms, it explores and produces oil and gas from a network of facilities. Liquefied natural gas trains, offshore gas platforms, and oil floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels are all operated by the company.

Woodside also maintains a subsea and pipeline infrastructure network in the Australian seas. Woodside has exploration properties in Oceania, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Woodside’s headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia.

4> Paladin Energy Ltd

Paladin Energy Ltd is a uranium miner and exploration company based in Australia. The company is primarily concerned with the Langer Heinrich Mine in Namibia. It also has a global uranium exploration and development portfolio. Exploration, Namibia, and Australia are among its segments. The Exploration division is primarily concerned with the development of exploration and evaluation projects in Australia and Canada. The Namibia section is involved in the production and marketing of uranium from the Namibia mine. The Namibian Langer Heinrich Mine is located in the Namib Desert, roughly 80 kilometers (km) east of the major Walvis Bay harbour.

It owns roughly 65% of the mineral rights covering 52,250 hectares in a special purpose joint venture (Michelin Joint Venture). It owns 100% of the Manyingee Project, which is located in Western Australia’s northwest. It also has a project in Queensland that consists of three promising uranium exploration sites.

5> Ampol Limited

Ampol Limited is a petroleum company based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Ampol is Australia’s largest transport energy distributor and retailer, with over 1,900 Ampol-branded stations across the country by October 2022. It also has a presence in New Zealand via its subsidiary Z Energy.

The Company’s primary business is the acquisition, refining, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products, as well as the management of convenience stores. Convenience Retail, Fuels, and Infrastructure are among the Company’s segments.

The company is present in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Singapore.

6> Strike Energy Limited

Strike Energy Limited is an onshore energy producer and urea maker situated in Australia. The Company’s primary activities are the exploration and evaluation of gas resources. The Company owns exploration land in the Perth and Cooper Basins.

Perth Basin, Greater Erregulla Gas, Project Haber, Perth Basin Geothermal, and Walyering are among the initiatives undertaken by the company. The Perth Basin project is close to energy transmission infrastructure that connects to the South West population core of Western Australia.

Its Perth Basin gas and geothermal acreage is in the Midwest Region of Western Australia. As part of the Greater Erregulla Production Plan, the Company is investigating various gas development and exploration prospects.

Strike Energy Limited aims to be Australia’s lowest-cost onshore energy producer by 2030, as well as a globally competitive urea maker with net-zero carbon emissions.

7> Boss Energy Ltd

BOSS Energy Consulting LTD, founded in 2014, is a well-established Zero-Carbon, renewable-energy recruitment firm. Its services cover established, expanding, and emerging energies related to the creation and utilization of carbon-free energy.

BOSS Energy works with clients involved in both solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power technologies, helping clients produce some of the industry’s most innovative and large-scale projects on a global scale. Because of the rapid growth of this technology, the demand for talent vastly outnumbers the number of easily available professionals in the market.

BOSS Energy’s concentration in the solar sector spans the whole project lifecycle, including development, building, and operations & maintenance across Europe, Asia, and the United States.


  1. What are the top energy stocks on the ASX [2023]?

    The Top Energy stocks on the ASX for 2023 are Origin Energy Limited, Santos Limited, Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL), Paladin Energy Ltd, Ampol Limited, Strike Energy Limited, and Boss Energy Ltd

  2. Why should I invest in top energy stocks on the ASX in 2023?

    Investing in top 2023 ASX energy stocks gives you exposure to the energy sector, as well as growth potential and diversification for your investment portfolio.

  3. What factors should I consider when investing in energy stocks?

    When investing in energy stocks, consider the company’s Financial Performance, Market Stability, Industry Growth Potential, Cash Flow, Company Position in the Energy Value Chain, Political and Geopolitical Risks and Environmental Responsibilities.


Finally, investing in top energy stocks on the ASX in 2023 might provide a wonderful opportunity to gain from the energy sector’s growth and development. The energy business is changing dramatically, owing to the rising demand for clean and renewable energy sources and the decrease of traditional fossil fuels.

Investors can find companies with great financial performance and development prospects by thoroughly researching and analyzing the available possibilities. While investing in energy stocks is risky, the benefits can be substantial, particularly for those who invest in companies that are well-positioned to capitalise on industry developments.

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